History of school



The 3rd high school is housed in a neoclassical building constructed to house the hospital of the city. So described in the historical book of the author Mr. George Kaftantzis the construction of the building.
" Built in 1885 in a prominent position at the foot of the majestic Acropolis new hospital, with annexes nursery, nursing home, Madhouse and special fthisiatreiou . The Building  was costed about 5,000 Turkish pounds. "
The building plans were sent from Instabul and the money for its construction was collected from donations of city Serres benefactors at the season.
During the liberation of the city in 1913 was burned. After the repair was used as a military hospital until 1952 . From this year after renovation ceded to house the Girls School  of Serres.
The 1973 added the new building in the courtyard of the old building and since 1979 with the merger of the schools was the 3rd High School of Serres. Since 1994 it houses only the 3rd High School of Serres.



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